• 07.18.18

    Added new pieces into Fix'it Bros.:

    'Happy Chocolate Cake Birthday'
    'My Little Big Friend'
    'Night Market'
    'Not on MY Watch'
    'The Firewatch'
    'Through the Hearth'

  • new section:// 04.02.16

    added a new series, 'Miro and Friends'.
    I've also selling a 45 page pdf on Gumroad.

  • news //08.06.15

    I will be co-curating a show, the Kids Explore Show, with Masahiko Murakami, at the Irorimura Gallery in Osaka, Japan. For more information check here. The show will run from the 19th to the 24th.

  • news //02.02.15

    Added a link to my bigcartel!
    Just click on the 'shop' link to visit! My SKETCHBOOK VOL.1 and PORTFOLIO BOOK are up for sale.

  • news //11.19.14

    I will be at CTN this weekend. Selling two new books, my sketchbook, and my portfolio book. I will also be selling prints and shirts.

    Look for me in the tent, T130.

    Added a new piece, 'Scavenger Hunt', to the Fix'it Bros. series. This piece also introduces the Gadget Girls!

  • news //9.29.14

    Added new pieces to Textbook Illustration section. Added a new piece to Fix'it Bros. series, 'Remnants'. Preparing two new books for CTN! Check my instagram for updates.

  • news //9.11.14

    Added three new pieces to the 'Fix'it Bros.' series.

  • news //5.30.14

    Added a link to my shop for prints of my work. Created a solo show for the Albany Taproom, called 'Mute'. You can find pieces done for it on my instagram. Feel free to contact me if interested in purchasing any pieces.

  • news //11.26.13

    Updated the site. Added new pieces to the Fix'it Bros. Series. My T-Shirt design from last year's APE, as well as three new digital paintings. One of the pieces was done at this year's Illustration Master's Class, 'Relics'.

    Added in a link to my instagram, where you can see new sketches as well as close ups of new pieces. Follow me for updates, I update atleast once daily.

    I'm taking part in this year's Post-it Show 9 at Giant Robot 2. I'll have sixteen post-its in the show, all going for 25$. Monico Chavez, Ben Jelter, and Dennis Brown (bagger43) are also in the show. Check it out if you're in LA, starts on the 7th of December.

  • news //10.5.12

    I have a table at this year's APE in SF. I'll have a book of my art, two t-shirts and a bunch of prints for sale. Come say hello.

    I'm sharing the table with Dennis Brown (bagger43), and Ben Jelter.

  • news //8.29.12


  • news //8.1.12

    I will be attending SCBWI's summer conference in LA this weekend. Added new images to textbook section.

  • news //2.7.11

    Added in a 'textbook' section in my portfolio. More to come for this section.

  • news //12.18.10

    See my piece, 'Thao', at the Museum of American Illustration. Illustrators 53: Sequential/Series and Uncommissioned Exhibit. It will be running from January 5th to January 22. For more info go here.

    Also, I've got some work up on my blog from a textbook I worked on earlier this year. Check it out.

  • news //6.02.10

    My entry for the charity, Beautiful Grim, is now up on Ebay.

    Digital, giclee print
    Comes framed, 30x14", in a handmade box!

  • news //5.27.10

    The first run of SIREN anthology has completely sold out.
    Three pieces have been selected for merit in 3x3's Pro Show!

  • news //2.06.10

    Neil Gaiman recommends SIREN on his twitter!! Get yours before we run out!
    Updated the portfolio. Added 'Braving the Morning Mist' from the Fix'it Bros. series.
    Also, I took part in a cancer charity auction, Beautiful Grim. Please, check out their site, and donate or bid.
    You can find my entry on my blog

  • news //11.04.09

    SIREN sells out at APE!

  • new piece. news //8.22.09

    added two new pieces under 'NEW project', 'sleep over' and 'Fat Peach's Bakery'.

    'Princess' has been selected to be in Spectrum's 2nd gallery show, to be held in NY at the Museum of American Illustration. The show is running from Sept. 1st to Oct. 17th. Spectrum

    Thank you to Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner, Irene Gallo, Gregory Manchess, and Arkady Roytman.

  • news //5.21.09

    The Academy of Arts Spring Show is now open at 601 Brannan St. in San Francisco. I won 1st place in Advanced Illustration, and Best of Show BFA.

  • news //5.12.09

    Posted up a short preview of my comic in a new section, 'Haunt'.

    Haunt is a short story I wrote and illustrated for the comic anthology, SIREN.

  • news //4.27.09

    I have finished my portion for the comic project, SIREN. I will be posting a preview for it soon. It will be out by October, in time for APE in SF.

  • news //3.07.09

    I won Bronze and Runner Up for Creative Quarterly 15!!

  • new piece. news //3.04.09

    added a new piece 'The Crystal Bearer' into 'Nights'.

    'Masterminds' has been accepted into this year's NY Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition!

  • new piece //12.22.08

    added a new piece 'The Rogue' into the 'Nights' section.

  • news //

    You can now click on images to get a full screen view.

  • new piece //11.22.08

    added a new piece 'Masterminds' to 'Fix'it Bros.'

    go check it out, I'm on page 240.
    Just got my copy delivered to me today~!

  • new catergory //10.14.08

    Added a new section, 'Fix'it Bros', and two pieces, 'Clockwork' and 'Rescue Mission'.

    Also, the summer issue of CMYK is out! Find my piece in it!

  • new piece //7.07.08

    added 'Raiden' to the 'Heroes' section.

  • new piece //5.26.08

    added 'Samus Aran' to the 'Heroes' section.

  • news //5.23.08

    The Academy of Arts Spring Show is now open at 601 Brannan St. in San Francisco. I won 2nd place in Advanced Illustration, and Best of Show BFA.

  • news //5.15.08

    I made it into 3x3's student show! I'll be in the next annual issue!!

  • new piece //5.10.08

    new piece in the 'Nights' section, 'Ideal Ideal'.
    Also, 'For No One' added to the main page.

  • news //4.26.08

    I made it into the next CMYK!

  • news //3.24.08

    I made it into the Spectrum 15!!!!

  • new piece //3.06.08

    new piece in the 'Heroes' section, 'Mr. Miyamoto'.

  • new piece //1.18.08

    new piece in the 'Heroes' section, 'Solid Snake'.

  • new catergory //1.13.08

    added 'Heroes' section.
    also, 'Link' added.

  • new piece //12.1.07

    Added 'The Ghost of Christmas Past' to 'A Christmas Carol'.

  • new piece //11.11.07

    Added 'Megan' to 'Paintings'.

  • new piece //10.31.07

    'The Ghost of Christmas Future' is now up in the 'Christmas Carol' section. Happy Halloween!